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HOUND Voice Search & Personal Assistant

By SoundHound Inc.

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HOUND Voice Search APK File v3.2.1 free download latest version for android apps store



HOUND Voice Search & Personal Assistant APK Free Download

HOUND Voice Search is the most popular app in all over the world. Therefore, HOUND Voice Search apk file download for android at Smartphone. Also, you can here HOUND Voice Search apps latest version of v3.2.1 apk file download on the google apps store. Maybe, The HOUND Voice Search apps developed by SoundHound Inc.You can here easily install or download on this website. You can HOUND Voice Search App download for your device android at apkfm.com.

HOUND Voice Search APK Download for Android

HOUND Voice Search is a famous online app in the world. Download apps are on Productivity categories. Every young man Also like HOUND Voice Search for your mobile device. if you need to backup your mobile device then need your apk file. So you can this HOUND Voice Search Download apk your mobile and save your memory card. Next time you instant install your mobile device. also read: ASTRO File Manager: Storage Organizer & Cleaner

How to install HOUND Voice Search application

You can easily install HOUND Voice Search apk file or app using the simple step. Here published how to install HOUND Voice Search apps using the direct download method or install from google play store. If you follow step by step guide, I think you complete the install HOUND Voice Search  apk file or app to your android device.

■ ■ ■
First of all, need your android device & internet connection
Next click on Download APK or Download from Play Store

■ ■
If click “Download APK” the app become start to download
After completing the download click the download file
You see the option Cancel or install then click to install button & wait some time
If the app was successfully installed then you get a notification like as Done or Open

Or if you click the “Download from Play Store” option
You directly go to the google play store then see the Install button
Now click the install button & wait some time ready to install
After the successful installation, you get a notification like as Done or Uninstall

HOUND Voice Search Specific Apps features

Hound is the best way to search using your natural voice.

What do we mean by natural voice? Instead of talking like a search query “OK Hound… Find Chinese restaurants”, just ask “OK Hound… What are the top rated Chinese restaurants near me?” You’ll be amazed at the lightning-fast response.

Want to try something more advanced? Hound can use follow-up questions and commands to filter, sort, or add more information to the original request. Give this a shot: “OK Hound… Find Asian restaurants rated 4 stars or more within walking distance of Times Square and exclude Chinese, Korean, and Thai”

But Hound isn’t limited to restaurants and coffee shops. Use Hound to:

Search, discover, and play music:
– “OK Hound… What song is playing?”
– “OK Hound… Play the top hits by Echo & the Bunnymen”

Access Spotify with hands-free controls:
– “OK Hound… Show my Spotify playlists”
– “OK Hound… Play my Discover Weekly playlist”
– “OK Hound… Skip to the next song”

Research and get trivia answers quickly:
– “OK Hound… When was Alexa Alemanni born?”
– “OK Hound… Tell me about the constellation Lyra”
– “OK Hound… Tell me about the Amazon River”

Set alarms and timers:
– “OK Hound… Set an alarm for 7am every weekday”
– “OK Hound… Set a timer to take out the chicken in 40 minutes”

Get the latest news:
– “OK Hound… Show me the latest news headlines”
– “OK Hound… Play me the latest news from NPR”
– “OK Hound… What is stock price of Amazon?”

Call, text, navigate handsfree:
– “OK Hound… Call Alexa at work”
– “OK Hound… Text Jeff ‘I’ll be there in five minutes’”
– “OK Hound… Show me directions to the nearest Whole Foods”

Get the weather forecast:
– “OK Hound… What’s the weather going to be like tomorrow at 6pm?
– “OK Hound… How about in Seattle in two weeks?”

Plan a night out at the movies:
– “OK Hound… What movies are playing near me around 7pm?”
– “OK Hound… What are the top action movies in theaters right now?”
– “OK Hound… What movies are playing in IMAX?”

Book an Uber:
– “OK Hound… How much is an Uber to the airport?”
– “OK Hound… Get an Uber to the nearest movie theater”

Search for hotels and plan your travel:
– “OK Hound… Show hotels in Seattle that are pet-friendly, have a gym, and cost less than $275”

Numbers, calculations, and even mortgage estimates:
– “OK Hound… What is a prime number?”
– “OK Hound… What is the square root of 16 minus the square root of 9?”
– “OK Hound… Split a $96 bill two ways with a 15% tip”
– “OK Hound… What’s the monthly payment for a $500,000 house with 20% down?”

What will you use Hound for?

Hound takes speed and accuracy to a new level thanks to our powerful Houndify platform, combining Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding into a single step. We call it Speech-to-Meaning (TM). Other assistants simply translate words into text, and they do a voice search the old way. But just recognizing words isn’t fast enough! Hound, powered by Houndify, is the fastest and most accurate independent voice assistant in the market today.

End User Agreement: http://www.soundhound.com/hound-end-user-agreement

Conclusion, I think This reviews must have fulfilled all your queries about the HOUND Voice Search apk, now download this amazing app for Android & PC and enjoy it. If you like HOUND Voice Search apps please share it with your friends and family.


Operating System: Android

Price: Free

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5/5 (1 ratings)

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