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Gear Calculator APK File v1.0.0 free download latest version for android apps store



Gear Calculator APK Free Download

Gear Calculator is the most popular apps in all over the world. Therefore, Gear Calculator apk file download for android at Smartphone. Download Gear Calculator  apk 1.0.0 is the latest version apk file free for android. You can not only easily install the Gear Calculator app, but also you can download the complete apk file from our website. And that’s absolutely free.

Gear Calculator APK Download for Android

Hey Guys, are you looking for Gear Calculator android apk file or apps for your android device? Don’t wary we will provide different versions of Gear Calculator apk  download file or install for android device. also read: Gear Builder: Mobile Legends – Calculator

Gear Calculator APK Download

Gear Calculator is a famous online application in the  world. Download apps are on Tools categories. Every young man also likes the apps for their mobile device. If you need to backup, in your mobile device, then need your application apk file. So, you can use this application apk Download your mobile and save your memory card. Next time you instant install your mobile device.

How to install Gear Calculator application

You can easily install Gear Calculator apk file or app using the simple step. Here published how to install Gear Calculator apps using the direct download method or install from google play store. If you follow step by step guide, I think you complete the install Gear Calculator apk file or app to your android device.

■ ■ ■
First of all, need your android device & internet connection
Next click on Download APK or Download from Play Store

■ ■
If click “Download APK” the app become start to download
After completing the download click the download file
You see the option Cancel or install then click to install button & wait some time
If the app was successfully installed then you get a notification like as Done or Open

Or if you click the “Download from Play Store” option
You directly go to the google play store then see the Install button
Now click the install button & wait some time ready to install
After the successful installation, you get a notification like as Done or Uninstall

Gear Calculator Specific Apps features

Spur Gear Calculator

This collection of calculators have been developed by SpiralArm Consulting Limited and Gear Services (Letchworth) Limited as a collection of gear data calculators that can be used to calculate the Outside Diameter, Centre Distance and Ratio of spur gears and pinions. It should be noted that these calculators should ONLY be used for spur gears and pinions, NOT for helical gears.

This app was initially developed for use with the spur gears and pinions available via the Ultrascale web site. However, it can be used for spur gears and pinions from other sources.

Gear Systems

The two gear systems used in this app are Diametral Pitch and Module and assume you are using standard full depth-teeth. When switching gear systems the calculators will also convert the currently set tooth size to the new gear system. For example if you have the calculators set for Diametral Pitch and the Tooth Size set to 100 and you then change the gear system to Module the 100 will be converted to Module (i.e. 0.254) and the reverse also applies.

Outside Diameter Calculator

This calculator is used to calculate the outside diameter of a spur gear. The outside diameter that the calculator returns is for the gear at the correct size.

Centre Distance Calculator

This calculator is used to calculate the centre distance between two mating spur gears. The centre distance that the calculator returns is for the two gears in tight mesh.

Ratio Calculator

This calculator is used to calculate the ratio between two mating spur gears.

Persistent input data

The input data for all the calculators can be saved for later use. Along with the option to preset the Gear System, Tooth Size and Number of Teeth. Access to both the preset data and persistent data is via the top toolbar in the individual calculator.

The top button bar options are as follows:

‘Default’ – This loads the input data fields with the data preset in the ‘Data Entry Defaults’ section of the app.

‘Select’ – This displays a list of input data saved using the ‘Save’ option. This input data can then be loaded into the input data fields by clicking on it.

‘Save’ – This saves the currently displayed input data for later use, by using the ‘Select’ option.

‘Copy to’ Menu

The ‘Copy to’ menu is active once the current calculation is done and result displayed for that calculator. This menu allows your to copy the results displayed in the current calculator with the other calculators and their applicable fields without the need to manually enter it.


I think This reviews must have fulfilled all your queries about the Gear Calculator apk, now download this amazing app for Android & PC and enjoy it. If you like Gear Calculator apps please share it with your friends and family.


Operating System: Android

Price: Free

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5/5 (1 ratings)

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