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Annihilation The Big Bang Puzzle Game

By Quatro Designs

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Annihilation APK File v1.3 free download latest version for android apps store



Annihilation The Big Bang Puzzle Game APK Free Download

Annihilation is a famous online Puzzle  game in the world. Every young man also likes the Annihilation game for their mobile device. AnnihilationDeveloped by Quatro Designs. If you need to backup, in your mobile device, then need your games apk file. So, you can use this Annihilation apk Download your mobile and save your memory card. Next time you instant install your mobile device. You can Annihilation App download for your device android at

Annihilation APK Download for Android

Annihilation is a popular multiplayer online game in Asia. Also, you Direct the Annihilation app download. You can easily control your mobile android or IOS device smart mobile and Tablets. Excellent graphics and display quality are better in mobile devices. Annihilation game also Play internet connection not to allow internet data connection. Annihilation game is an online connected multiplayer game. Good quality graphic and your smartphone minimum 2 GB RAM needs. Otherwise, you cannot freshly play this game on your mobile smartphone.. also read: DigiLux: Fingerprint Gestures for Phone Brightness

How to install Annihilation application

However, Download Annihilation android apps are on Puzzle categories.You can easily install Annihilation apk file or app using the simple step. Here published how to install MyNBA2K20 apps using the direct download method or install from google play store. If you follow step by step guide, I think you complete the install Annihilation  apk file or app to your android device.

■ ■ ■
First of all, need your android device & internet connection
Next click on Download APK or Download from Play Store

■ ■
If click “Download APK” the app become start to download
After completing the download click the download file
You see the option Cancel or install then click to install button & wait some time
If the app was successfully installed then you get a notification like as Done or Open

Or if you click the “Download from Play Store” option
You directly go to the google play store then see the Install button
Now click the install button & wait some time ready to install
After the successful installation, you get a notification like as Done or Uninstall

Annihilation Popular Apps features

Matter and antimatter are particles floating in the void of space. The universe is full of small pockets of particles but no Annihilations have occurred. This means the planets, stars, moons, and solar systems do not exist. Matter, antimatter like protons and antiprotons, and electrons and positrons are some of sciences’ greatest secrets. Take control of matter as you work through space puzzles to create the universe one solar system at a time.

– Proton – An element of matter, will create a big bang when colliding with a antiproton
– Electron – Also an element of matter, will create a big bang when colliding with a positron
– Create a Mars like planet, an asteroid belt, a moon or a solar eclipse. Anything is possible when you cause an Annihilation
– Every move matters as you work these planet games
– Create the celestial bodies one level at a time
– Discover exotic planets and elements
– Warp through black holes created with the remains of other Annihilations.
– Annihilate volatile blocks by touching them with matter or antimatter causing a large explosion forcing the passing element to change direction
– Use your strategies to trap an antiproton or positron forcing the next move to be a big bang!
– Find unstable elements in the universe that when passed cause a shift in the astrology
– Encounter space slime or sticky elements that once your elements attempts to pass gets stuck in the space goo, never to move again
– Challenging Levels
– Cause an Annihilation or Big Bang by causing Matter to collide with Antimatter.
– Unlock new levels with each enormous explosion caused by the big bangs.
– Each completed level will throw new protons and electrons into space and create new opportunities for you to cause a collision and create a new solar system.
– Each new solar system will contain different environments with exotic materials
– Find exciting treasures in the universe that can unlock hints and more

Can you take control of matter and find antimatter?
Can you create all the solar systems in the universe?
Will you be the one to create it all one big bang at a time?

Download today and fill outer space with planets, stars, asteroids, and solar systems in this space themed exciting puzzle game.

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Operating System: Android

Price: Free

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Version: 1.3
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5/5 (1 ratings)

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